During 2010 our church embarked on a new endeavor, to establish a Christian school that would be a blessing to our community. At the beginning, everything was smooth sailing. We started with thirty students all of them receiving FTC (Florida Tax Credit) scholarship also known as Step Up For Student. The next year we jumped from thirty students to sixty-five students; soon we realized that we were in need of getting our accounting system to a new level. Therefore, the services of a CPA, with the expertise on Non-Profit organization was essential since we were rapidly approaching the threshold established by the state of Florida and the Department Of Education for schools participating in the FTC program. This is when I met Dennis Thureson and DAT CPA LLC during the school year 2011-2012 whom we hired to help us achieve the excellence in accounting, payroll including all the different reports needed for the IRS, and the annual Agree Upon Procedures to continue in compliance with FTC, SUFS, and DOE (Department Of Education). It has been five years since then, our school has grown to one hundred and thirty-five students and without a doubt part of that success has to do with the confidence and assurance of an accounting firm, such as DAT CPA on our side. Needless to say, during the past five years the relationship between Dennis Thureson has also grown from one of acquaintance to one of friendship. Thank you Dennis for all your hard work.

– Rev. Ramon R. Pomales Jr.
IVA Christian School